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The musical style known as Allebeth developed on the tide-locked planet Byssil. It is predicated on the interplay of radio frequency signals received from an astrologically selected body of stars and other space features.

Early History

As an astrological exercise Allebeth evolved from an earlier form that predates modern astronomy, when the numbers motivating the music were simply the movements of planets and stars as observed by the eye or telescope. The innovation of using RF emissions and exoplanetary readings to structure a piece was invented by the early AIs of Byssil, which rapidly replaced the painstaking tracing of orbits with semi-automated processing of wideband observations sometimes sourced from multiple sites.

AI Innovations

Allebeth was brought to what many consider its highest sophistication due to the works of the Zhad Database, a loose confederation of AIs that was appointed court musician to the Transition Protectorate during the latter’s troubled Twenty-Fourth Century. During the Zhad’s two-year tenure the Database contributed at times between 0.00000000001% and 0.000001% of its processing power toward iteratively generating and refining the Allebeth form. The Protectorate’s anthem was generated in this period, and accepted by the majority of the population. Various related themes, some Zhad-created, some not, have been adopted as the rallies for revolutionary movements.

Cultural Impact

Allebeth under AI influence was reflected in many aspects of popular culture, notable mainly for a varying tempo said to symbolize the uneven development of sentient culture. Some critics claim there are judgments on organic sentients embedded, but evidence to support this allegation is difficult to ascertain.