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Alphaspace Watch oversees superluminal operations in the Bottlenose Nebula.


The Bottlenose Nebula draws a staggering number of explorers. Archaeologists looking into ancient secrets of things like the Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard, sociologists studying rare and complex cultures like the Lursine Iterators, and astrophysicists studying phenomena like the Blowhole.

This cause many incidents and accidents, such as the Relay Wreck. Alphaspace Watch was established around a nondescript red star to prevent further traffic-related disasters.

The watch has two main duties:

1) Providing high-speed communication with the rest of the universe - a must for data-hungry scientist-adventurers.

2) Sending out rescue missions whenever the scientist-adventurers invariably get in trouble.


Alphaspace Watch is primarily operated by infomorphs and has extensive and lush virtual spaces. They often host Watchers Council discussions due to the highly detailed and creative environments and the low-latency Hypernet communications.

Most of the rescue missions are also performed by infomorphs.

However, the infomorphs of the watch have almost no interest in expanding the duties or knowledge of the watch itself. They do not pursue science, or adventure, or data collection. They simply serve up the hypernet and run rescues, with a side order of traffic control.

In this way, they hope to stave off any potentially destabilizing pursuits. So far, that's worked pretty well.

Contact Info

Contact the Alphaspace Watch by hitting "0" on any standard-protocol communicator while in the Bottlenose region.

While discouraged, the watch does respond to Duowave Pulses as well. Use channel up-strange 43.