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Article Phantomed By Phantomed On Turn Written By Written On Turn References Referenced By
Nerenith (original entry) Helios Sunrider 1 Cipher Volume, Zuuvok Goliath, Whoolak Enclave Owgawan Diplocrats,Zuuvok Goliath,M-Ph,Lowali Eloth,Axiom Decay,Cisq'ata Lorekeeper
Cipher Volume Helios Sunrider 1 Nerenith,Zuuvok Goliath,Cerdian Generation Fleet
Zuuvok Goliath Helios Sunrider 1 Archivist 14 2 Bottlenose Nebula,Cipher Volume,Karg Ascendency,Dolphin Riders Nerenith,Egoathropological Limit,Shutdown of the Omnidome,Lowali Eloth,Cerdian Generation Fleet,Cisq'ata Lorekeeper
Whoolak Enclave Helios Sunrider 1 Nerenith
Infomorph Rights Helios Sunrider 2 Captain Plunk 4 Shutdown of the Omnidome,Happy Hat Incident,Cerdian Generation Fleet Protoinfomorph,M-Ph,Happy Hat Incident, Cerdian Generation Fleet,Isolation Initiatives
Lowali Eloth Helios Sunrider 3 Prof. Morgan 5 Vyk-Poisson Phase,Quintessence Ombral,Zuuvok Goliath,Blowhole,Gravity Pump,Nerenith Gravity Pump
Theory of Physical Undecidability Helios Sunrider 4 Captain Plunk 5 Test Tube Territories,Immersion Anthropology,Bottlenose Nebula,Egoathropological Limit Axiom Decay,Isolation Initiatives
The Starlifters Helios Sunrider 5 Captain Plunk 6 Protoinfomorph,Bottlenose Nebula,Blowhole,Gravity Pump,Fog,Transition Protectorate,Cerdian Generation Fleet,Fog Cerdian Generation Fleet
Courtship on Purnisc (original entry) 上原_千晴 1 Purnisc,Dr. Hai-Lee Kiyoko,Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn Owgawan Diplocrats
Hai-Lee Kiyoko 上原_千晴 1 Courtship on Purnisc,Child's Crusade
Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn 上原_千晴 1 Archivist 14 6 Purnisc,Egoathropological Limit,Emergence Theory of First Contact Courtship on Purnisc
Purnisc 上原_千晴 1 Owgawan Diplocrats,M-Ph,Happy Hat Incident
Quintessence Ombral 上原_千晴 2 Archivist 14 4 Cisq'ata Lorekeeper,Blowhole,Allebeth,M-Ph M-Ph,Lowali Eloth
Wandering Husk-Child 上原_千晴 2 Prof. Morgan 3 Blowhole,M-Ph,Child's Crusade,Gravity Pump M-Ph,Child's Crusade,Cisq'ata Lorekeeper
Quondam Imperium Helios Sunrider 6 Prof. Morgan 7 M-Ph,Great Question (A-D),Dolphin Riders Karg Ascendency
Blowhole (original entry) Archivist_14 1 Bottlenose Nebula,Gravity Pump,Immersion Anthropology,Protoinfomorph M-Ph,Transition Protectorate,Wandering Husk-Child,Gravity Pump,Quintessence Ombral,Lowali Eloth,Test Tube Territories,Fog,Cisq'ata Lorekeeper
Gravity Pump Archivist 14 1 Helios Sunrider 3 Blowhole,Transition Protectorate,Lowali Eloth Blowhole,Wandering Husk-Child,Lowali Eloth,Byssil,Child's Crusade
Immersion Anthropology Archivist 14 1 上原_千晴 3 Blowhole,Theory of Physical Undecidability
Protoinfomorph Archivist 14 1 Helios Sunrider 2 Zhad Database,Byssil,Owgawan Diplocrats,Infomorph Rights Blowhole,Owgawan Diplocrats,Egoathropological Limit,Happy Hat Incident,Axiom Decay,Cerdian Generation Fleet,Fog
Shutdown of the Omnidome Archivist 14 3 Prof. Morgan 4 Zuuvok Goliath,Isolation Initiatives,Egoathropological Limit Egoathropological Limit,Infomorph Rights,Isolation Initiatives
Cisq'ata Lorekeeper Archivist 14 4 Helios Sunrider 9 Blowhole,Bottlenose Nebula,X-2814 Supernova Event,Egoathropological Limit,Zuuvok Goliath,Nerenith,Watchers Council,Wandering Husk-Child Quintessence Ombral
Universal Scientific Communication Standards Archivist 14 5 Byssil
Karg Ascendency Archivist 14 2 Helios Sunrider 6 Bottlenose Nebula,Egoathropological Limit,Zuuvok Goliath,Quondam Imperium Zuuvok Goliath
Allebeth (original entry) Prof. Morgan 1 Byssil,Zhad Database,Transition Protectorate Zuuvok Goliath,Transition Protectorate,Quintessence Ombral,Byssil
Byssil Prof. Morgan 1 Archivist 14 5 Bottlenose Nebula,Transition Protectorate,Allebeth,Gravity Pump,Universal Scientific Communication Standards Allebeth,Protoinfomorph,Transition Protectorate,Cerdian Generation Fleet
Transition Protectorate Prof. Morgan 1 Captain Plunk 2 Axiom Decay,Byssil,Blowhole,Allebeth Allebeth,Egoathropological Limit,Gravity Pump,Byssil,Cerdian Generation Fleet,The Starlifters,Lursine Iterators
Zhad Database Prof. Morgan 1 Allebeth,Protoinfomorph
Happy Hat Incident Prof. Morgan 2 Captain Plunk 3 Bottlenose Nebula,Protoinfomorph,Bau,Infomorph Rights Owgawan Diplocrats,Infomorph Rights
Child's Crusade Prof. Morgan 3 Archivist 14 8 Wandering Husk-Child,Hai-Lee Kiyoko,Watchers Council,Jolibrii Worldship,Gravity Pump,Blowhole Wandering Husk-Child
Isolation Initiatives Prof. Morgan 4 Helios Sunrider 8 Shutdown of the Omnidome,Jokali Ghost Ship,Infomorph Rights,Theory of Physical Undecidability Shutdown of the Omnidome
Vyk-Poisson Phase Prof. Morgan 5 Lowali Eloth
Lursine Iterators Prof. Morgan 6 Captain Plunk 7 Test Tube Territories,Transition Protectorate,Geodan Marke Test Tube Territories
Dolphin Riders (original entry) Captain Plunk 1 Egoathropological Limit,Owgawan Diplocrats,M-Ph Owgawan Diplocrats,Zuuvok Goliath,M-Ph,Egoathropological Limit,Test Tube Territories,Quondam Imperium
Egoathropological Limit Captain Plunk 1 Archivist 14 3 Dolphin Riders,Zuuvok Goliath,Transition Protectorate,Protoinfomorph,Shutdown of the Omnidome Dolphin Riders,Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn,Shutdown of the Omnidome,Theory of Physical Undecidability,Karg Ascendency,Cisq'ata Lorekeeper
Owgawan Diplocrats Captain Plunk 1 Prof. Morgan 2 Dolphin Riders,Courtship on Purnisc,Protoinfomorph,Nerenith,Happy Hat Incident Dolphin Riders,Protoinfomorph
M-Ph Captain Plunk 1 上原_千晴 2 Bottlenose Nebula, Infomorph Rights, Dolphin Riders,Purnisc,Wandering Husk-Child,Blowhole,Quinessence Ombral,Nerenith Dolphin Riders,Wandering Husk-Child,Quintessence Ombral,Lowali Eloth,Axiom Decay,Quondam Imperium
Axiom Decay Captain Plunk 2 Helios Sunrider 4 Protoinfomorph,Theory of Physical Undeciability,Transition Protectorate,Nerenith,M-Ph Transition Protectorate
Bau Captain Plunk 3 Helios Sunrider 7 Blowhole,Bottlenose Nebula,Happy Hat Incident,Kandar Lithoglyph Happy Hat Incident
Cerdian Generation Fleet Captain Plunk 4 Helios Sunrider 5 Transition Protectorate,Bottlenose Nebula,Zuuvok Goliath,Byssil,Cipher Volume,Protoinfomorph,The Starlifters,Infomorph Rights Infomorph Rights,The Starlifters,Fog
Test Tube Territories Captain Plunk 5 Prof. Morgan 6 Bottlenose Nebula,Dolphin Riders,Theory of Physical Undecidability,Blowhole,Lursine Iterators Theory of Physical Undecidability
Fog Captain Plunk 6 Archivist 14 7 Blowhole,The Starlifters,Cerdian Generation Fleet,Watchers Council,Protoinfomorph,Bottlenose Nebula The Starlifters
Emergence Theory of First Contact Archivist 14 6 Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn
Kandar Lithoglyph Helios Sunrider 7 Bau
Watchers Council Archivist 14 7 Fog,Child's Crusade,Cisq'ata Lorekeeper
Geodan Marke Captain Plunk 7 Lursine Iterators
Great Question (A-D) Prof. Morgan 7 Quondam Imperium
Jakoli Ghost Ship Helios Sunrider 8 Isolation Initiatives
Jolibrii Worldship Archivist 14 8 Child's Crusade
X-2814 Supernova Event Helios Sunrider 9 Cisq'ata Lorekeeper