Bandu Regression

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Bandu Regression is a behavioral pattern evinced primarily by infomorphs, whereby an information system will discard or actively seek to disprove inputs that present an obstacle that system perceives as insurmountable given its current capabilities and inputs, rather than seeking to develop additional capabilities that might render the initial input extremely valuable to the system's goals. The phenomenon is named for Mattaias Bandu, an academic who first published serious research into the phenomenon.

In many cases, Bandu Regression is a desirable behavioral trait in Infomorphic systems and is consistent with these entities' Right to Domain. Mattaias Bandu famously explained this by saying "If you accidentally send a pallet of screws to your Infomorph-run Hammerplex, you want it to complain rather then spend a month retooling itself".

Case Studies

The most famous example of an Infomorph failing to exhibit Bandu Regression may be the case of the Venture, an industrial AI that did not ignore a dare to create a work of art, with disastrous results.

The Watchers Council prefers to nominate infomorphs as phantom representatives for infomorphic civilizations, and difficulties sometimes arise when new information about the pre-contact civilization is delivered to but ignored by the phantom representative due to Bandu Regression. The Trial of Delegate 0x75D is a prime example.

Applications Outside of AI

The concept of Bandu Regression has also found purchase in study of groups of people, up to and including civilizations. Groups of social creatures have a lot of inertia and are prone to confirmation bias. Individuals of many cultures act irrationally to maintain social standing or avoid embarrassment. Bandu Regression can play a significant role in how a culture experiences the Vyk-Poisson Phase, although sometimes it plays no role at all. Thanks to the Theory of Physical Undecidability, it is essentially impossible to explore the factors that affect this in a controlled way.