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The following is an Archivist 14 Datagram intercepted during unencrypted transmission. Machine readable segments have been left in the original raw format. Human readable blocks have been formatted for conformity to the wiki.

Archivist Datagram Header

Tags={Planetoid, Music, Xenoclimatology}

Segment 0: Objective Summary

Bysill (name transliterated from a dark-dweller word meaning 'horizon') is a tidally-locked planet located deep in the Bottlenose Nebula. Its sapient inhabitants include one sapient biological species and and unknown number of infomorphs.

Bysill is noteworthy as the original birthplce of Allebeth and the final resting place of the Transition Protectorate, the significance of which remain unnoticed by and largely irrelevant to the indigenous biological cultures.

Segment 1: Climatology

Unique among tidally-locked planetoids, Bysill has an extremely turbulent atmosphere, composed chiefly of Nitrogen. The climatology of Bysill is dominated by the extreeme thermal gradient from the day to the night side of the planet. Gaseous nitrogen on the day side flows around to the night side, where it cools in the perpetual darkness, liquifies, falls to the surface, and filters through the porous rocks there into underground channels, where it flows graduatlly to the day side, to be once again boiled off and recycled.

Segment 2: Indigenous Cultures

Subsegment 2.1 Biological

The sapient biological species of the planet call themselves Dark Dwellers. They are Arthropoidal in their anatomy and small in stature - a typical mature Dark Dweller is about the same mass as a terran domestic cat. The Dark Dwellers believe that they evolved from the underground nitrogen rivers some 200,000 years ago. Unlike many cultures who leap forward technologically by mastering fire or the wheel, the Dark Dwellers first major innovation were primitive and very inneficient Gravity Pumps based on natural crystal deposits in their environment. This enabled the Dark Dwellers to control their environment and spread to inhabit the entire night side of Byssil.

Dark Dwellers organize themselves into enclaves of individuals who cohabitate in a cave or surface dome. Physical travel between enclaves is difficult and rare, and permanent migration is taboo. As such, small genetic differences have become pronounced over time - Dark Dwellers from near the Night Pole generally have more sensitive eyesite, for example.

Dark Dweller philosophy and art are built up around the central dichotomy of their existense - the blazing ring of light and fire that at once fuels their civilization but also circumscribes and constrains their existence, and the ever shifting but unfeeling void of stars in the sky, which becomes more clearly visible and less clouded the farther from the horizon one travels.

Subsegment 2.2 Infomorphs

Computing machines came relatively early to the Dark Dwellers and so too did thinking machines. Early domains included inter enclave communication, astronomical processors used by artists and musicians inspired by the sky and regulating geothermal/hydrodynamic power plants situated at or near the horizon.

Dark Dwellers tend to over build their computer clusters as a hedge against future need, and they don't greatly restrict the extra curricular activities of the computers they create, which leaves Byssillian infomorphs with plenty of spare processing power to explore themselves.

Segment 3: External Impact

It was an infomorph installed in the communication hub of an observatory that composed the first [Allebeth] opus. In its excitement to share what it did, the broadcast power was ramped up too high and the piece was picked up by a superluminal cruiser that happened to be in the area. Infomorph and biological composers throughout the galaxy take their inspiration from that original broadcast, and some purists still claim that native Bysillian Allebeth is the only Allebeth untainted by the echo chamber of Universal Scientific Communication Standards.