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A Cisq’ata Lorekeeper is a classification of social positions in many subluminal, mostly pre-literary, or logographic, societies. Lorekeepers, in general, are individuals charged with maintaining the cultural knowledge of their social grouping, and as such usually hold high status among their people. A Cisq’ata Lorekeeper specifically in a Lorekeeper who keeps knowledge about astronomical phenomena in the Bottlenose Nebula. For reasons that are unclear at this time, a large number of these pre-literary societies have astonishingly similar mythologies surrounding the Blowhole and other naked-eye objects in the local space.


This particular sub-classification was first described by the anthropologists in the university at Cisq’ata, causing the Watchers Council to adopt their name as the distinguisher.

Common Threads

The most obvious object in the night sky of worlds in the Bottlenose Nebula is the Blowhole. Invariably, every civilization that achieves the power of speech has some meaning attached to it, as after their star (and any large moons the world might have), it is the most obvious object in their sky when it is open. From the surface of a planet, it appears as nearby flare star. While many similar societies throughout the galaxy attribute a variety of mythologic properties to a flare star (from mere portents to direct communications from a deity) the civilizations of the Bottlenose Nebula almost universally associate it with a creator or creative entity or concept, often the source of the stars themselves.

The Wandering Husk-Child also has a similar similarity among civilizations for which it is detectable without mechanical assistance. Contrary to the Blowhole, the WHC is almost always associated with a death or destruction deity or concept. Most intriguingly, if a civilization already has a creator/destroying dichotomy in their cosmology, the WHC is always a second, redundant destroyer entity, not the matching pair to the creator entity. This is true even in societies where the creator entity is associated with the Blowhole.

Initially researchers thought that some ancient civilization, perhaps the Nerenith or the Zuuvok Goliath, had influenced these cultures. The timeline doesn’t hold up, however. At least some of these civilizations didn’t pass the Egoathropological Limit until well after the last known Zuuvok Goliath contact. Also, even events that have happened in more recent history in the Bottlenose Nebula (such as the X-2814 Supernova Event) have shockingly uniform interpretations. More curious still, civilizations that have achieved alphabetics and other detailed historical records do not seem to have these similarities.

Finally, because these worlds usually don’t have global or mass communications at their stage of technological development, Cisq’ata Lorekeepers are not the only, or even the majority, interpreters and keepers of these theories. They are, however, always a significant minority or more of the individuals who hold a lorekeeper-like position in their society.


Any explanation for the Cisq’ata Lorekeepers has to account for the fact that the species involves run a massive gamut of body types, sensory organs, and cultural heritages. Also, because of the vast distances involved and synchronicity of their understandings, any theory involving a conspiracy to coordinate stories would require that information be traveling between the worlds superluminally, which no species known as the capacity to do before industrialization.

Others have suggested that the concept of the Cisq’ata Lorekeepers is a statistical fluke, and that its proponents are cherry-picking which civilizations to include in their samples and which to keep out. Certainly, if one takes a survey across the entire galaxy, or even includes literary civilizations within the Bottlenose Nebula, the effect disappears.

At present, it is unknown if there is an explanation, or even if an explanation is needed.