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ZQ-R9-6 is a brown dwarf star roughly 6 light years from the aperture of The Blowhole This star system is subject to several strictly enforced interstellar treaties intended to protect the local Protoinfomorphs, called The Starlifters. For reasons related to the nature of the Starlifters and also to the stipulations of those treaties, the system has also come to be known as Fog among those civilizations that pass through and around it.

Starlifter Habitat

The Starlifters first arrived at ZQ-R9-6 millions of years ago. Carried there at random over the course of millions of years, the Starlifters flourished in the presense of ZQ-R9-6's radiated light and heat. The biomass of the Starlifters has never been all that much, but their biovolume is arrayed in a manner that presents a measurable collision risk to any craft or probe within 4 AU of the star itself.

Diplomatic Consensus

In the wake of the Cerdian Generation Fleet's disasterous first contact with the Starlifters, many members of the Watchers Council agreed to place restrictions on travel near Fog. This provides the Starlifters a degree of privacy in their development, but the member civilizations respect the terms of the agreement primarily out of self interest. There are no agreed upon penalties for violating the terms - mainly because there is no body with the means and the will to enforce such penalties on the possible violators.

The terms of the agreement surrounding ZQ-R9-6 do not automatically extend to the uncontacted subluminal cultures of the Bottlenose Nebula however members of the Watchers Council are free to intervene directly in contact between those people and the Starlifters if they so wish. The restrictions make navigation slow and dangerous, particularly for captains and crews not used to manuvering without the full power of their engines, or navigating by passive sensors. Hence the system's moniker.

Treaty Restrictions

  • Active sensors should be tuned to minimize emissions within 20 AU of ZQ-R9-6
  • Starships within 30 light days of ZQ-R9-6 are not to exceed the speed of light nor violate causality
  • Starships within 30 light days of ZQ-R9-6 are not to emitt radiation of any kind (light, heat, EM, etc.) that would appear to an observer on Fog to be any greater than a Star at a distance of 40 light years