Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard

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The Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard was a cluster of supercomputers and a variable number of infomorphs in theFog system, a hub for The Starlifters.


The language in which the Forum was named was devised by the Forum itself, either a conlang or the most rapidly evolved natural language in history. It was tailored toward facilitating conversations with Starlifters first, and thus reached vividly verbose vocabulary in the areas of radiation, crystal composition, and pop music. Subjects such as fleshy biology were relegated to a dull subset of the language’s full range.


It was in its heyday one of the wonders of the Nebula. It used a poorly understood nexus of hypercausality flickers to communicate across interstellar distances at unpredictable but exploitable intervals, offering Starlifters everywhere the capability to store, process, format, and retrieve data. Detectable event intervals may range into decades, meaning that wandering Starlifters were known to dump hard problems into the Forum for retrieval, oh, someday.

The Forum’s storage capacity was second to none. That didn’t stop people from trying to use it all.

Members of the Forum

The fact that it was a forum rather than a flat processing network is widely attributed to the personalities of the resident infomorphs themselves. Under the eye of the Hypervisor, a Starlifter innovation developed to give a modicum of visibility into daily doings, shifting personalities clashed and sometimes paid attention to requests for processing and data. In fact, the flourishing of the Forum was widely credited with enabling the rapid restoration of the Prime Zeta 13’s biotic cores after its mishap.

The infomorphs resident in the Forum were granted full concessions, including the Right of Domain. However, as data streams and personalities separated and melded the actual definition of domain shifted, and after a while only the Hypervisor knew what assignments were suitable for what sections of the cluster.

Interstellar Participation

There was a diplomatic incident when the Hypervisor sent a self-contained unit containing the Forum’s most prudent member to the Watchers Council for representation. The debate over whether the Forum constituted a separate entity from the Starlifters rages to this day. In fact, much debate is hosted within the Forum, which has been rumored to edit the opposition's responses from time to time. There is no record of such alterations within the system.