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Geodan Marke is an Owgawan pairing of Prawp and Vessan, and has been one of the first Owgawans to reach interstellar prominence. Their thesis was on the communications of pre-industrial societies and included a now-legendary demonstration of several primitive long-range communications systems. The smoke signals did not go exactly as planned.

Clashing with Watchers Council

The Watchers Council is of course responsible for the Karvassian Buoys intended to expedite first contact once a civilization reached starfaring capability. However, these passive observers were not enough for Marke. He made an ill-fated run at landing on the Lursine planet only to be interdicted by a Starlifter patrol, part of a self-styled protector of the often pristine Test Tube Territories.

When Marke tried again, piloting a rare and painstakingly restored E-737 Spike and trailing several Infomorph-directed ships, he returned weapons fire along with hundreds of tons of flares. The clash of equipment in deep space was clearly visible from the home planet of the Dolphin Riders: a cheeky attempt on Marke’s part to force uncontacted natives to look up.

The Lursine Experiment

Ultimately Marke did make it to a Test Tube Territory where his every interaction was an experiment in cultural exchange.

The Successful

The Lursine Iterators became the obsession of Marke’s life. A planet with nineteen billion intelligent denizens must surely have developed spaceflight…only, the Iterators didn’t. After repeated attempts at electromagnetic or duowave communication, Marke landed themself.

The Iterators are an experimental species, genetically arranged in small groups to hyperspecialize in aspects of preindustrial society. It was Marke’s thesis all over again, primitive communication mechanisms between functionally dissimilar settlements. Thus, Marke was fully prepared to study the natives with an eye toward how their societies are knit.

Marke instantly gained notoriety for the uniqueness of their physical configuration. The Iterators, observing the Vessan symbiote to the large Prawp body, began experimenting with what are known as linked rings, essentially pairs of dissimilar unit clusters in which each cluster maintains and breeds its own specialization but works as a unit with a differently designed cluster. Thus far this arrangement has not triggered what might be considered higher technology: Lursine innovation is better fitting the current mold, not finding new molds.

The Unsuccessful

Marke set up a few small demonstrations of using steam and mechanisms to transmit messages over short distances. The Iterators recognized the work at once and moved Marke to a unit working at a major smithworks that distributed products in a complex web. However, the Iterators were somewhat nonplussed to find that, while Marke had intelligent suggestions about energy transfer, they were not physically suited for energy transfer themself. They were shuffled into another unit where their physical shortcomings would not threaten the development of the Iterations.

Test Tubes

Those among Marke’s colleagues who consider them a visionary instead of a madman would love to continue hopping the Test Tube Territories looking for the next sentient contact. However, the area is still patrolled by guardians. For now Marke’s publications stream exclusively from the Lursine system.