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Gordian Interstellar is a privately held communications and linguistics thinktank, with lines of business concerning almost every concievable aspect of interstellar and inter species communication.

Hypernet Communication

In the early days of the Hypernet, software developers constantly squabbled over encoding concepts like big or little endian, 2's compliment or 1's compliment representation of binary numbers, and so on. Alucard Gordon, the founder of Gordian Intersteller, famously inserted an aggressive Protoinfomorph into his local net cluster which agressively moved through the Hypernet cluster, reverse compiling systems and recreating them to represent all messages using Universal Scientific Communication Standards. Though he ultimately served a 2 year sentence in prison for tampering with collective property, his misdeed was recieved warmly by many academics and artists, and his famous crowdfunding effort "I opened the Hypernet, can you spare some Lucre?" raised sufficient capital for Alucard to found Gordian Interstellar, with the original mission "Give a voice to every star".


An entire arm of Gordian Interstellar is devoted to translating and publishing of galactic popular culture into the lingua franca of nigh uncountable worlds. The Watchers Council employs the publishing arm heavily. They reproduce and disseminate cultural works from subluminal cultures to the various membor races. Almost more importantly, they translate major galactic works into local language to furnish to local civilizations upon first contact.

Accelerated Education

Of particular interest to Xenosociologists exploring the Bottlenose Nebula, for a modest fee, Gordian Intersteller can, starting from a relatively small corpus of native language samples, develop and administer a language curriculum at startling speed. The courses themselves are Infomorph-taught, and can be absorbed in an accelerated VR realm when time is short - for which Gordian requires a considerable surcharge.

Propulsion Reserach

Telemetry from multiple temporal probes indicates that Gordian Interstellar may once have always been in the other kind of translation business, that is to say the geometric sense of changing the positional coordinates of objects. A Gordian Interstellar research facility that was now never built in the Cantor system developed a hypercausality drive that conclusively and retroactively eliminated not only Cantor III but also the corporate division that invented it. Since the drive is presumed to still exist, most physisists believe that it was developed in this space-time manifold by an actual starship company, though some crackpots cling to the idea that Gordian has a secret starship research arm.