Joint-Brane Systems

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A Joint-Brane system is any system, natural or technological, that establishes a connection between two objects, or regions native to the space denoted by {R}, a set of N dimensions, by means of exactly one dimensions not in {R}. A joint-Brane system's worldvolume is the (typically) N+2 dimensional volumne that the system sweeps out in spacetime.

Trivial Examples

A tree can be modeled as a Joint-Brane system along any of the traditional three dimensional spacial dimensions, treating each 2 dimensional cross section as a planar brane and connecting the cross section across the remaining spacial dimensions. This example was popularized in academic circles after an iluminated example was added to the first appendix of the Quondam_Imperium and then accidentaly published into the public domain by a xenolinguistics scholar who too eagerly accepted a license agreement from an AI archiving system. As such this fully worked out example is now included in the Joint-Brane Systems subchapter of most high energy systems textbooks.

Practical Examples in the Bottlenose Nebula

Gravity Pumps are of course 3+2 dimensional Joint-Brane systems, connecting two very small but nonetheless 3 dimensional regions to one another via an infinitely curved chunk of some fourth spatial dimension.

The theory that each instance of the Kandar_Lithoglyph is a scar from the universe ripping and folding over itself suggest that they are themselves a Joint-Brane System, or perhaps that they are the result of a catastrophic failure of an elaborate Joint-Brane System from a higher dimensionality.

The Kaqueni developed an understanding of Joint-Brane Systems between two dimensional regions remarkably early in their development, and used this theoretical foundation as a jumping off point to create elaborate power transfer systems, powering relativistic starships from generating stations safely on their home-world.

Corner Case: Time

It is theoretically possible for a Joint-Brane System to sweep out only an N+1 dimensional world volume, if time itself is used as the linking dimension, though it is not clear that modeling a living system such as an Infomorph or a person in this way would provide any advantages to less exotic means of modeling and understanding such entities.

It is believed that significant evidence indicates that the Message that Sends Itself is the product of, or is itself, a time-linked Joint-Brane System. However, the alleged evidence has not been vetted as thus far all conferences regarding the Message that Sends Itself have bogged down in endless debates of grammar with respect to Universal Scientific Communication Standards