Karg Ascendency

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The Karg Ascendancy is a subluminal civilization in the Bottlenose Nebula based on the on their homeworld of Crastoon.


The Karg achieved the Egoathropological Limit sometime approximately 12,000 years ago. There are technically fourteen sovereign states on Crastoon, as the Karg Ascendancy controls 88% of the population and over 92% of the landmass of the whole, interstellar observers usually consider it to be a single-polity planet.

The Karg have struggled their entire history with interstellar meddlers of one form or another, starting with the Zuuvok Goliath approximately 270,000 years ago, up to continuing issues with radio transmissions from the sky that they have developed the technology to detect.

The Karg are remarkable in that they appear to have a blind spot regarding interstellar life unique to them. Whereas many species struggle with the question of if they are alone in the universe, the Karg simply assume they are not. It is not a question of ideological or logical conundrum; it seems the concept has never occurred to any of the estimated 11.9 billion individual Karg who have ever lived. Given the aforementioned pre-luminal contact, this has lead to some truly outstanding contortions of their historical record of themselves.

The Karg Ascendancy has formed a power political entity, the Karg Objectivity Committee, which is responsible for reconciling the historical record of the Karg. They have done so in spectacular fashion, forming a narrative of Karg evolution rife with coincidence, lost branches of their own civilization, and a multi-dimensional Karg Imperial Authority they believe themselves to be separated from, but it is their mission to return to. This continuity is codified every five years into a revision of the Karg Ascendancy's national epic poem, Quondam Imperium.

None of these things have ever existed, and the Karg are, in fact, a race with an extraordinarily straight-forward history that has never seen so much as a regional extinction even since they first developed the power of speech.


The Karg Ascendancy's culture is extremely hierarchical in nature. The number seven plays an important role in their day-to-day lives, although their counting system is base 13. At every level of their society, a Karg is expected to participate in groups of seven; labor teams are always seven people, cultural performances always feature seven members, and each political district (of which there are seven, despite geography and demographics suggesting there should be at least 9) has a council of seven members.


The Karg are carbon-based lifeforms with six limbs, four motive and two manipulative, and a hard exoskeleton. The average member of their species is about 3 meters tall and 5 meters long. They exist at the extreme upper size limit of what their biology can support; it is uncommon but known for larger members of their species to grow beyond the strength of their exoskeletons. In the past this was fatal to those members, but in recent centuries the Karg have developed prosthesis that allow individuals so afflicted to live long and productive lives.