Prow Flare

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The Prow Flare is a recurrent nova event that, when active, is the second brightest object in the Bottlenose Nebula. It originates from the start DHG-30119+20, a star with no planets or permanent population, although the Elder Reminders did construct an Optica Giganta there.


The Prow Flare is so named because two different subluminal races have constellations that both use the star to represent the foremost part of a watercraft indigenous to their planet. When this finding was first published, it gained some notoriety in the popular science press, and given the star only had a catalog name to that point, it became the best-know moniker for the stellar phenomenon.


The Prow Flare does not have a regular period; it varies from 8 to 120 years between flares. The first recorded flares were approximately 292,000 years ago. Analysis of DHG-30119+20 suggests that the flares will continue for approximately another 50,000 years.

Due to the irregular appearance of Prow Flare in the night sky, it has been an ephemeral indicator for many of the subluminal species in the Bottlenose Nebula. Its flares have had a major impact on the history of a number of different civilizations, including the Karg Ascendency and the Kaqueni.


Because so many civilizations discover the the Prow Flare prior to gaining a sophisticated understanding of space in general, many try to connect its flarings with events on their own homeworlds, or with other events in the sky. As a result, anthropologists have had a treasure trove of research done on their behalf by these peoples, tying events, and sometimes even calendar epochs, to the star.


  • The Prow Flare accurately predicted within 2 weeks the death of the chairperson of the Karg Objectivity Committee for over 200 years. Noteably, this includes Chairperson Karbluth, who was on trial for blasphemy at the time of the flare. The flare’s appearance indicated to the jury that Karbluth was guilty, and they were executed four days later.
  • The citizens of Bau frequently would interpret the flare as an indicator that a signficant leader or group of people had achieved ‘’Soleidan’’, the Bauistan equivalent of retirement (enforced more aggressively under some regimes than others.)
  • During their initial tests with Gravity Pump technology, the Dark Dwellers of Byssil saw the Prow Flare erupt during both the first and second test of their new technology. As these tests were 8 years apart, the Dark * Dwellers drew a causal relationship, and their research was delayed nearly 20 years while they tried to determine how their terrestrial tests made a star some 270 lightyears away flare. It would not be until nearly 19 years later, when the Prow Flare erupted again without a test having been run, that the Dark Dwellers resumed their development in earnest.