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Quagmire is a rogue star system containing of one natural star and six artificial microsingularities. It follows a slow, erratic, spiralish trajectory roughly 2 degrees off the galactic plane and is projected to exit the Bottlenose Nebula in roughly 60 billion years.


The Zolrandi are a now superluminal species originally from a star system very near to the path of the Blowhole's matter stream. Eons ago, before they joined the galactic community they enacted a plan to capture part of the matter stream for their own purposes. That it worked at all is miraculous, but because it worked they rapidly developed into an interstellar civilization.

Harvesting and storing a massive burst of energy every 10 years allowed the Zolrandi to develop Quantum-bit supercomputers, Gravity Pumps, and relativistic star-drive systems that allowed them to access even more bountiful sources of energy. Grateful for its role in bootstrapping their development, and somewhat superstitious despite their ascension into galactic culture, the Zolrandi continued to harvest the Blowhole for thousands of years, until high counselor Orctosk VII who finally ordered the decommissioning of the extractors.

The six microsingularities that drove the extractors could not simply be switched off, so the Zolrandi science commission proposed to relocate them a safe distance from the matter stream while they spun down. Unfortunately, the Blowhole opened during the transit and the matter stream was pulled off course without being safely collected. The Zolrandi home star was nudged out of its orbit and infused with the energy of the blowhole. The microsingularities were swept up in the exchange and entered eccentric orbits around the star.

The Zolrandi had plenty of time and the means to evacuate their home planet before its orbit decayed and it became uninhabitable but they did not have the mean nor the skill in Orbital Dynamicism to set their star back into its orbit. Today we know that star and its attendant singularities as Quagmire.


Quagmire is on a lazy course out of the nebula and indeed, the galaxy. However for the duration of its time in the region, it poses two major dangers to star systems that pass near its path. Firstly, it exhibits considerable gravitational pull and can destabilize otherwise stable planetary systems as it passes by. Secondly, the star itself, impregnated with exotic matter from the blowhole, emits considerable high-energy radiation that can be damaging to infomorph and biological life. Fortunately, space is vast and inhabited planets are rare. To our knowledge, Quagmire has only wiped out three subluminal species. Remarkably, Quagmire is also believed to have prevented the extinction of the Yawning Philosophers