Quintessence Ombral

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Subject="The tale of Kyros and Ordon"
Author=Video Feed Captured by Archivist Probe 0x2B36D283

This record is a grainy holovid feed, apparently captured by a stealth probe during a community gathering of local M-Ph descendants gathered around a fire pit on a terrestrial planet. An adolescent leans their optical sensory organ against a magnifying lens pointed upwards and plucks out a melody on a stringed instrument, possibly a local analogue of Allebeth. The eldest individual, wearing the mantle of a Cisq'ata Lorekeeper, stands with the aid of a cane and addresses the gathering.

Long ago, there were many fewer stars, and so Kyros the Starforger [ref Blowhole] worked day and night to fill the sky with stars. Kyros’ neighbor was Ordon, the Weaver. Ordon grew frustrated with the bright light of Kryos’s forge shining into his home when he wanted to sleep. Ordon made a great curtain as black as the darkest night and hung it so that the light from the forge would not keep him awake.

Kyros was so devoted to his work on the sky that he did not notice when Ordon hung the curtain. When his work in the sky was complete, Kyros set down his hammer to look for his neighbor, but he could not find him. All he could see was one section of the sky that was darker than the rest. He swung his hammer one last time, threw the newborn stars into the void, and left to look for his friend.

Ordon, sadly, did not see the stars, newborn and white hot, hurtling towards the curtain. The stars hit the curtain with their full force, burning it and tearing it to shreds, which were scattered in every direction. The scraps of curtain settled throughout the sky and dimmed all of the stars. Annoyed that his masterwork was destroyed, Ordon began to weave a new curtain of night, thicker and darker than the last.

Eventually Kyros returned from his long and unsuccessful search, but the sky was diminished again. After he stopped for a meal, Kyros he lit his forge and returned to his work, carefully setting stars here and there before casting a whole batch in the direction of Ordon's curtain. You can see, my children, where this is going. Kyros throws his stars into the darkness of the curtain and the scraps of darkness scatter through the sky. Ordon grows annoyed and weaves a new curtain. And that is where the Quintessense Ombral comes from, and why it is growing thicker over time.