Ryken Bail V-Targiton

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Ryken Bail V-Targiton was a polymath astronomer obsessed with finding commonalities between different fields of research. Rather uniquely, instead of attempting to connect things with math or theory, Ryken was focused on finding physical examples.

Early Career

After visiting a Kandar Lithoglyph near their home system, Ryken immediately devoted their life to searching the cosmos for more unique things which "break" reality. While many assume Ryken translated a "message" from the lithoglyphs, Ryken always insisted it was simply a matter of realizing such things existed.

Ryken initially focused on well-mapped unique existences, such as the famous Unipolar Star and the Glass Nebula. But these are both well-researched phenomena, with interstellar civilizations based around them.

Ryken began to search for clues about forgotten or never-discovered phenomena.

Bottlenose Nebula

After many centuries and much biological refurbishing, Ryken reached the Bottlenose Nebula. Here was a treasure trove of celestial phenomena, carefully cataloged... by sociologists.

The nebula is studied almost entirely by those interested in civilizations and societies and sentient species. Unusual celestial readings are simply marked down and forgotten by most regional scientists... and Ryken was eager to dig up every single one of these forgotten footnotes.

For example, Ryken visited the Blowhole followed rapidly by the Cipher Volume, and remarked on how the two were "obviously" linked at a deep level, violating known laws of physics.

Unfortunately, attempts to verify their findings were difficult due to the extreme challenges of navigating the Cipher Volume. Even verifying it with Ryken's own data is nearly impossible, as the data is badly collected and missing metadata.

Continuing to investigate, Ryken eventually found the Locked Light, one of the smallest phenomena they ever investigated. It's uncertain whether Ryken went native or simply became obsessed, but they lived with the locals for many years. Eventually, they entered the Locked Light and were never heard from again.


While Ryken's contributions to science are notable, they are mostly notable for being loud and aggressive rather than carefully researched or backed by data. Several of their discoveries have held up and revealed startling secrets... but most have been completely discredited by scientists making a second pass with better sensors and data collection.

If Ryken shows one thing, it's the importance of peer review. Whether someone is a genius or a clown, theories can be tested. If they hold up, a clown can be a genius. And if they are discredited, a genius can turn out to be a clown.