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Universal Scientific Communication Standards

The Temporal Logic Field Definitions of the Universal Scientific Communication Standards (ref. v2938.7j2/1) are an effort by the scientific communities of several dozen worlds to agree that what happened yesterday happened yesterday, what happens today happens today, and what will happen tomorrow will happen tomorrow.

It was not expected, when the issue was brought up in the Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard, that there would be strenuous argument.

Community Involvement

The premise of the logic field standards is simple: if one is going to violate causality, one should at least be civilized about it. Panels have repeatedly recommended a monitoring commission for Hypercausality Flickers, which cause untold havoc when people lacking the Universal Standards start trying to use them for purposes best left to literature.

The Karg Ascendency’s possession of a Kandar Lithoglyph was only discovered after the nineteenth attempt of its prime university’s staff to pass a resolution stating that time infractions are only punishable for the earliest-timeline individuals involved in the infraction. Thank-you notes were received by the vetoing monitoring panel, but no one ever found out from whom.

Undercover research on uncontacted worlds only compound the problem. The underground civilizations of Byssil and Bau had each, apparently independently, manifested a fervid belief that some aspects of history not only repeat, but announce themselves before the conditions necessary to their existence even appear. To an observer this tenet is either absurd or entirely predictable, and if it is entirely predictable the Temporal Logic Field Assessors would like a word with you.


Rumor solidly links the Standards committees with the Jail of Eternity, though nothing has been proved and no causality violations have publicly been observed to reveal or deny such a facility.

It has been pointed out that if the USCS governing panel weren’t so obsessed with things going in one direction to the exclusion of humanitarian intervention, the Demolition of Cantor III might have been prevented. To which the panel just said that that which is was well have were been cannot possibly be will how are under-none was done.

The Recommended Tense Extensions for Languages Concerning Time Travel are in need of work.