Vyk-Poisson Phase

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The Vyk-Poisson Phase is a stage of development some cultures pass through on their way to space-faring technology. It defined as the transition a culture goes through when they find what they believe to be the absolute boundary of their universe. Although in principle that can be any boundary, in practice is almost always refers to the edge of their culture's light cone, or "observable universe."

Many cultures have to adapt their world view multiple times as they develop, and this usually involves alternating phases of belief in a creator entity of some kind that laid down capricious laws to govern the universe, and a fundamental Theory of Everything that the entire universe can be reduced down to. As a culture's ability to detect larger and larger fractions of the universe progresses, they will swap back and forth between these two poles. The Theory of Physical Undecidability ensures that no matter how advanced a culture becomes, this alternation will continue as long as they exist.

The Vyk-Poisson Phase in particular is the phase that occurs after a culture detects the edge of their light cone. Most cultures detect this boundary about the same time they discover the quantum nature of the univere. In approximately 68% of cases, this discovery will cause the society to change their belief in the nature of the universe (either from creator diety to fundamental law or vice-versa) within 2 lifespans of an individual of that species, although it may go considerably faster or slower in some cases.


The Vedd of Lowali Eloth are an excellent example of an accelerated Vyk-Poisson phase. The discovery of the bounds of their observable universe came at a time of significiant social upheaval, as well as a change in the Quintessence Ombral, both of which cause their time passing through the phase to be a fraction of an individual's average lifespan. Unfortunately, within a few generations, disaster befell that planet, preventing the collection of further data on their development.


Perhaps uniquely, the Karg Ascendency created an elaborate fiction to explain their universe, but one that relies on fundamental, although largely imaginary, laws. There is considerable debate if their development represents an example of the Vyk-Poisson Phase or an example of the related Bandu Regression.