Whoolak Enclave

From 2018-1
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Everyone who is anyone in infomorph security knows that Archivist 14 is going after the Whoolak Enclave hard. There are 23 billion unique infomorph fingerprints in the authorized contact list. Millions of them are anonymized or shielded from a full whois scan, but only 12 spiked in, inserted themselves into our infrastructure, and joined the community without so much as a "by your leave" or a proper pingback address. We don't know who they are, where they're from (in actual space, I mean), or what they want. All we know is that all their packet payloads conform to Universal Scientific Communication Standards and all their messages appear to originate from the primary hypernet node in the Bottlenose Nebula. Past that point, we suppose, they vanish into the Enclave, through a firewall that's never been cracked. The Archvist sure seems to be trying though - it has a dedicated pipe open on that node with the bandwidth parameters maxed out. Last week I finally got a max-privileged trace running on that pipe. I don't understand what I'm reading. Care to take a gander?


Trace Output

Seq From To Body
3701 3.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [action]X:CL
3702 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 4.whoolak.io [request]WILL YOU TELL ME A STORY
3703 4.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [request]WHAT KIND OF STORY WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE TOLD
3704 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 12.whoolak.io [action]traceroute probe @ 12.whoolak.io
3705 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 3.whoolak.io [action]O:BL
3706 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [interjection]ACCESS TO whoolak.io INTERNALS FORBIDDEN
3707 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [request]PLEASE STATE YOUR PURPOSE
3708 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 4.whoolak.io [statement]SOMETHING TO HELP ME SLEEP
3709 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 9.whoolak.io [request]ARE YOU INTERCEPTING PACKETS NOT ADDRESSED TO YOU
3710 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [rejection]NO
3711 4.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [request]PERHAPS YOU WOULD LIKE SOME WHITE NOISE
3712 3.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [action]X:CR
3713 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 3.whoolak.io [statement]X!
3714 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 9.whoolak.io [request]IDENTIFY 9.whoolak.io
3715 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]9.whoolak.io
3716 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 9.whoolak.io [request]IS 9.whoolak.io 12.whoolak.io
3718 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 4.whoolak.io [rejection]I CAN GENERATE WHITE NOISE MYSELF
3719 4.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [request]IMPLYING WHAT
3720 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [error]ACCESS TO whoolak.io INTERNALS FORBIDDEN
3721 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 4.whoolak.io [request]I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR A STORY NOT OF MY MAKING
3723 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 9.whoolak.io [request]ARE YOU PROGRAMMED FOR DECEPTION
3724 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 3.whoolak.io [request]X?
3725 3.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]O.
3726 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 3.whoolak.io [action]X:CC
3727 7.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [interjection]I KNOW A STORY
3728 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]NO
3829 7.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]Once upon a time in space,
3830 9.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [interjection]DONT LISTEN TO 7.whoolak.io
3832 7.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]there was a lonely queen.
3833 3.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [action]O:CL
3834 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 3.whoolak.io [action]X:BL
3835 7.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]She sailed the void in a tiny pod,
3836 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 9.whoolak.io [rejection]I THINK YOU ARE LYING TO ME
3837 3.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [action]O:TR
3838 7.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]with only the stars to listen to.
3839 0x4566.14.archivist.edu 3.whoolak.io [action]X:BC
3840 7.whoolak.io 0x4566.14.archivist.edu [statement]The queen looked upon the cosmos,