X-2814 Supernova Event

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It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

The X-2914 Supernova Event can be viewed through two lenses: one, that of the scattered civilizations whose Cisq'ata Lorekeepers observed and interpreted the celestial event in curiously species-invariant way: a harbinger of a catastrophic social fall.

Or two, that of the civilization responsible.

The Troa

The sole probe that emerged from the Troa experiment provides the only data on the civilization that developed around the Troa stars: X-2914.

The Troax had the utmost interest in finding fellow life in the universe, as evidenced by the probe. However, subluminal interplanetary travel was out of the question for the Troax. Death was a ritual to be undertaken exclusively in licensed temples on the homeworld; the idea of sending people out without a clear means of getting back was nothing short of heretical. If the Troax were to travel the cosmos, it would have to be in a rapid and reversible fashion.

The binary star system of Troa presented an alternative: the construction of a Gravity Pump in the rich gravitational well between stars.

The Supernova

The recorded aim of the Grand and Benevolent Celestial Management Board was to create a gravity pump that would pinch together time and space between the Troa system and its near neighbor, now termed Lowali Eloth. It more or less succeeded, but the two-way energy and mass transfer proved far beyond the containment boundaries. One probe appeared in the Lowali system; no other materials remain.

The pump in Troa’s guts summoned enough stellar mass to temporarily link the stars it floated between, as well as dragging in matter from out of system. The disruption lasted less than a week before bursting into a category 2 supernova. The first observers to map the remains of the system used the advanced Optica Giganta prototypes, which were uniquely suited to deal with the extreme conditions of the ruined system.

As for the external observers of the event, many long-form Allebeth-style interpretations were written and performed across the cosmos dealing with the star that predicted social downfall. Ultimately the Troax made contact with thousands of worlds. It’s just that it was one-way.