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The Youth Helpers is a fringe political party formed by phantom representatives to the Watchers Council. The party's platform is centered on the position that the council should take a more interventionist role in the affairs of uncontacted subluminal civilizations. In practice, the party members tend to be primarily motivated by a desire to exploit the civilization they've been assigned to represent for personal gain.


The first Youth Helper, Salvan Oreskos was assigned as phantom representative to the Ungali, a biological species who were doomed. Their home star was too near the Quagmire, and they were only barely past the Egoathropological Limit, hardly positioned to save themselves in time. Oreskos, realizing that they would be out of a job if the Ungali ceased to be, lobbied unsuccessfully for the council to take some action to save them. When that effort failed, they sought out to rescue the Ungali on their own as a means to preserve their position.

Delegate Oreskos somehow ammased the funds needed to support a bootleg relocation effort. It is strongly suspected that criminal means were involved. The Ungali were not ultimately saved, as Oreskos and their compatriots drifted off course, accidentally discovered Nzakali, and jettisoned a great deal of cargo into the atmosphere of that world. Oreskos ultimately lost his position, but not his new fortune, which he re purposed for his own means. Other delegates, "inspired" by Delegate Oreskos' dedication to his wards, and sympathetic to the plight of the Ungali founded the Youth Helpers party in his honor.


The vast majority of Council delegates, especially non-phantom delegates ascribe to philosophies that permit interference in uncontacted civilizations for one reason or another. Although most are far more conservative in these matters than the Youth Helpers, the Helpers have occasionally been part of a majority coalition that pushed a resolution through the assembly.

The Youth Helpers voted unanimously in support of the Measures for Sapience Recovery

You Youth Helpers were responsible for the longest filibuster in the history of the council, during the debate over the Zero-Interference Doctrine.


Periodically, a civilization represented by a Youth Helper makes contact with the council, and in due course the phantom representative is replaced by individuals of the species in question. Aside from Delegate 0x75D, no phantom representative has ever been found guilty of wrongdoing towards their charges without testimony from their replacement. It is most common for nefarious Helpers to give up their schemes and retire with little fanfare rather than risk discovery. Approximately 10% of Youth Helper seats today are made up of non-phantom representatives, it is widely presumed that those delegates have been brought in on some profitable scheme that the now retired phantom delegate they replaced.