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Two hours ago a software crack with fingerprints associated with Archvist 14 exfiltrated a great deal of data from a single folder in the archaeological archive. Nothing was damaged and all of this data can be freely accessed via our open libweb interface. I have no idea why the damned infomorph feels the need to break in and get the whitehats all worked up over public domain research. I've attached a summary of the topic it seemed to be interested in.



The Zuuvok Goliath (named by and for Harriman Al'Zuuvok, who discovered Zuuvok site 0x17 and demonstrated the commonality between that site and the 22 sites previously known) is believed to have been a deep space colonization vessel that established at least 23 colonies within the Bottlenose Nebula between 300,000 and 200,000 years ago. Its point of origin and ultimate destination are unknown - all that is known about the Goliath is inferred from study of the colony ruins it left behind, and of the few cultures that cohabitated those worlds.


By radio dating artefacts recovered from various Zuuvok sites, the rough course of the Goliath has been charted. It is clear that the it must have possessed significant interstellar maneuvering capability in order to visit all of the systems that it did (even a flyby course would not be possible by ballistic means alone) There is however, insufficient information to determine from whence the Goliath came or where it went after it established its last known colony.

Attachement: Star chart depicting the 23 known Zuuvok sites, annotated with approximate date ranges of colonization.

Colony Structure

Colony sites attributed to the Zuuvok Goliath have been discovered on twenty three planets or planetoids in the Bottlenose nebula. Though there is some variation between each colony, and obviously the passage of time has led to significant deterioration at most of the sites, they have a great deal in common. Concentric rings of 6 meter tall structures surround a central courtyard, which was dominated by a 25 meter tall obelisk or tower. The obelisk and the nearest ring of buildings were prefabricated from materials not indigenous to the colony site, presumably brought from space with the colonists. Further from the center the structures are increasingly constructed of indigenous materials.

Attachment: Diagram of concentric ring of colony structures.

Because the deterioration at each site varied greatly based on planetary conditions, the sites now all classified as originating from the Zuuvok Goliath were originally classified into two groups - sites where the outer ring of locally constructed structures was preserved and sites where the exoplanetary materials remained but the locally built structures had decayed. It was only after the discovery of Zuuvok Site 0x17, where both the obelisk and outer structures were preserved by the inert atmosphere, that the two groups were determined to share an antecedent.

Nerenith Connection

Most scholars agree that there is not enough information to conclusively determine the origins of the Zuuvok Goliath. One theory places the origins of the Goliath inside the Bottlenose Nebula rather than outside of it. Despite the flimsy physical evidence connecting the Nerenith to the Goliath (and the credible but inconclusive evidence to the contrary), this theory garners significant attention because all other detailed theories are pure speculation.

Tools and structures found at the ruined colonies are consistent with quadrapedal biologics anatomically similar to the Nerenith, but the capability to establish colonies as far from the Cipher Volume as the Goliath traveled is far beyond any other spacecraft that the Nerenith are known to have built. It is unlikely that a project of this relative magnitude would go unmentioned in any of the discovered histories of the Nerenith, but then again, records from near the end of that civilzation are notably more rare and less specific than hsitories prior to that time.

Zuuvok Sites Today

Most of the colonies established by the Goliath are on otherwise uninhabited worlds and can be freely visited/studied, but several notable exceptions exist.

Site 0x07

Zuuvok site 0x07 was destroyed by the Karg Ascendency a century before any offworld scientist learned of sentient life on their world. We are aware of this site only through the records created by the Karg Objectivity Commitee prior to the site's destruction.

Site 0x0B

Zuuvok site 0x0B is a ring of carved ice structures in the southern polar region of Tau 21 Theta 3. It is believed that the Dolphin Riders living on that world today are not aware of its existence or significance.

Site 0x1A

Zuuvok site 0x1A was privately purchased and its remaining structures converted into a massive concert hall. Long form Allebeth compositions are presented there most frequently, although recently the curators have been under pressure to present a larger selection of contemporary musics.