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2018-1: Lexicon

Subluminal civilizations of the Bottlenose Nebula, a case study.

Rules Set

Current turn: 16 (7 January to 14 January 2019)

Entry Tables

Entries by Original Creator of Citation

Letter John Mike B.E. Ada Craig
A Alphaspace Watch AI-hard encryption Allebeth Axiom Decay
B Bandu Regression Blowhole Byssil Bau
C Cipher Volume Cisq'ata Lorekeeper Child's Crusade Courtship on Purnisc Cerdian Generation Fleet
D Duowave Catastrophe Demolition of Cantor III Duowave Pulses Dolphin Riders
E Emergence Theory of First Contact E-737 Spike Egoathropological Limit
F Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn Fog
G Gordian Interstellar Gravity Pump Great Question (A-D) Geodan Marke
H Hypernet Happy Hat Incident Hypercausality flicker
I Infomorph Rights Immersion Anthropology Isolation Initiatives Imputative Transfer
J Jakoli Ghost Ship Jolibrii Worldship Joint-Brane Systems
K Kandar Lithoglyph Karg Ascendency Karvassian Buoys Hai-Lee Kiyoko Kylque Kin
L Lowali Eloth Lursine Iterators Locked Light
M Message that Sends Itself M-Ph
N Nerenith Nzakali
O Orbital Dynamicism Optica Giganta Owgawan Diplocrats
P Protoinfomorph Prime Zeta 13 Purnisc Prow Flare
Q Quondam Imperium Quintessence Ombral Quagmire
R Ryken Bail V-Targiton
S The Starlifters Shutdown of the Omnidome The Stolen Years
T Theory of Physical Undecidability Transition Protectorate Test Tube Territories
U USCS Temporal Logic Universal Scientific Communication Standards
V Vyk-Poisson Phase
W Whoolak Enclave Watchers Council Wandering Husk-Child
X X-2814 Supernova Event
Y Youth Helpers
Z Zuuvok Goliath Zhad Database

Entries by Turn and Author

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Turn John Mike B.E. Ada Craig
1 Nerenith Blowhole Allebeth Courtship on Purnisc Dolphin Riders
2 Protoinfomorph Zuuvok Goliath Owgawan Diplocrats M-Ph Transition Protectorate
3 Gravity Pump Egoathropological Limit Wandering Husk-Child Immersion Anthropology Happy Hat Incident
4 Axiom Decay Quintessence Ombral Shutdown of the Omnidome Infomorph_Rights
5 Cerdian Generation Fleet Byssil Lowali Eloth Theory of Physical Undecidability
6 Karg Ascendency Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn Test Tube Territories The Starlifters
7 Bau Fog Quondam Imperium Lursine Iterators
8 Isolation Initiatives Child's Crusade Emergence Theory of First Contact‎ Kandar Lithoglyph
9 Cisq'ata Lorekeeper Whoolak Enclave Cipher Volume Jolibrii Worldship
10 Vyk-Poisson Phase The Stolen Years Imputative Transfer Jakoli Ghost Ship
11 Universal Scientific Communication Standards Hypercausality flicker Watchers Council Karvassian Buoys
12 Demolition of Cantor III Joint-Brane Systems X-2814 Supernova Event Ryken Bail V-Targiton
13 Zhad Database Gordian Interstellar (submitted during turn 16) Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard Prime Zeta 13
14 Duowave Pulses Nzakali Optica Giganta
15 Hypernet Locked_Light Geodan Marke Orbital Dynamicism


Round John Mike B.E. Ada Craig
1 NO Existing IP YES AI Rights PASS YES Limited-to-no contact between civilizations being studied. PASS