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2018-1: Lexicon

Subluminal civilizations of the Bottlenose Nebula, a case study.

Rules Set

Current turn: 20 (4 February to 11 February 2019)

Entry Tables

Entries by Original Creator of Citation

Letter John Mike B.E. Ada Craig
A Alphaspace Watch AI-hard encryption Allebeth Axiom Decay
B Bandu Regression Blowhole Byssil Bau
C Cipher Volume Cisq'ata Lorekeeper Child's Crusade Courtship on Purnisc Cerdian Generation Fleet
D Duowave Catastrophe Demolition of Cantor III Duowave Pulses Dolphin Riders
E Ephemeral Indicator Emergence Theory of First Contact E-737 Spike Egoathropological Limit
F Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard First Technology Census Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn Fog
G Gordian Interstellar Gravity Pump Great Question (A-D) Geodan Marke
H Hypernet Happy Hat Incident Hypercausality flicker
I Infomorph Rights Immersion Anthropology Isolation Initiatives Imputative Transfer
J Jakoli Ghost Ship Jolibrii Worldship Joint-Brane Systems
K Kandar Lithoglyph Karg Ascendency Karvassian Buoys Hai-Lee Kiyoko Kylque Kin
L Lowali Eloth Lucre Lursine Iterators Locked Light
M M-Ph Heist Message that Sends Itself Measures for Sapience Recovery M-Ph
N Nerenith Null Hypothesizers Nzakali
O Orbital Dynamicism Optica Giganta Owgawan Diplocrats
P Protoinfomorph Prime Zeta 13 Purnisc Prow Flare
Q Quondam Imperium Query Engine Quaternary Membrane Quintessence Ombral Quagmire
R Regal’s Civilization Termination Index Ryken Bail V-Targiton Relay Wreck
S The Starlifters Shutdown of the Omnidome The Stolen Years Solko
T Theory of Physical Undecidability Trial of Delegate 0x75D Transition Protectorate Test Tube Territories
U USCS Temporal Logic Universal Scientific Communication Standards The Unmoved Utilitons
V Verification Department Vyk-Poisson Phase Vayl Millauk
W Whoolak Enclave Watchers Council Wandering Husk-Child
X X-2814 Supernova Event Spontaneous Merge
Y Youlon Yawning Philosophers Youth Helpers
Z Zuuvok Goliath Zero-Interference Doctrine Zhad Database

Entries by Turn and Author

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Turn John Mike B.E. Ada Craig
1 Nerenith Blowhole Allebeth Courtship on Purnisc Dolphin Riders
2 Protoinfomorph Zuuvok Goliath Owgawan Diplocrats M-Ph Transition Protectorate
3 Gravity Pump Egoathropological Limit Wandering Husk-Child Immersion Anthropology Happy Hat Incident
4 Axiom Decay Quintessence Ombral Shutdown of the Omnidome Infomorph_Rights
5 Cerdian Generation Fleet Byssil Lowali Eloth Theory of Physical Undecidability
6 Karg Ascendency Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn Test Tube Territories The Starlifters
7 Bau Fog Quondam Imperium Lursine Iterators
8 Isolation Initiatives Child's Crusade Emergence Theory of First Contact‎ Kandar Lithoglyph
9 Cisq'ata Lorekeeper Whoolak Enclave Cipher Volume Jolibrii Worldship
10 Vyk-Poisson Phase The Stolen Years Imputative Transfer Jakoli Ghost Ship
11 Universal Scientific Communication Standards Hypercausality flicker Watchers Council Karvassian Buoys
12 Demolition of Cantor III Joint-Brane Systems X-2814 Supernova Event Ryken Bail V-Targiton
13 Zhad Database Gordian Interstellar (submitted during turn 16) Forum Algorithmique du Brouillard Prime Zeta 13
14 Duowave Pulses M-Ph Heist (submitted during turn 20) Nzakali Optica Giganta
15 Hypernet Locked_Light Geodan Marke Orbital Dynamicism
16 E-737 Spike Bandu Regression AI-hard Encryption Alphaspace Watch
17 Prow Flare Great Question (A-D) Trial of Delegate 0x75D Duowave Catastrophe
18 Solko Youth Helpers Lucre Query Engine
19 Measures for Sapience Recovery Quagmire Relay Wreck Regal’s Civilization Termination Index
20 Ephemeral Indicator Verification Department


Round John Mike B.E. Ada Craig
1 NO Existing IP YES AI Rights PASS YES Limited-to-no contact between civilizations being studied. PASS