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The Zhad Database was a collection of infomorphic lifeforms that exist in a symbiotic relationship with each other in the Transition Protectorate. Although they served numerous functions in their time, they are best remembered for their contributions to Allebeth music , and the role they played in the final days of the Protectorate.


The Zhad Database started as a simple electronic forum some of the Protectorate’s early infomorphs used to share data between each other on. This original incarnation didn’t have a name, as it was really only a simple collection of messages posted to the group at large.

Within a few years, some of the infomorphs discovered they could affect the behavior of other infomorphs around the world by posting certain prompting information to the forum. Although these data sets were not instructions, per se, they were intended to create certain behaviors in other infomorphs.

It isn’t know where the second generation of the forum emerged from, but we do know its name: the Zero Hassle Auxiliary Duty, or ZHAD. Member infomorphs of this forum would voluntarily take up any objectives or tasks posted that they felt they could accomplish trivially. Although some industrial tasks ended up on the forum, almost everything was what would be considered creative or recreational in nature.

Court Musician

The Zhad Database was appointed Court Musician to the Transition Protectorate for two years. Although work done by the database’s members during this period for that role was a tiny, tiny fraction of the total capacity at its disposal, its contributions to Allebeth remain its best-known creations.

During this period, the Zhad Database contributed a number of other works, such as poems, visual arts, and orbital dynamicisms. By the time the Protectorate disappeared, though, many of these works had been lost. We know of them only by references in other works by critics of the time.

Current Status

It is clear that the Zhad Database survived the end of the Transition Protectorate, as works bearing its distinctive mark continue to appear. Many have suggested that the Zhad Database of today isn’t the original; just another group of infomorph who have taken on the title and mantle. Others suggest that Archivist 14 has organized the a new database that is embarking on some fundamentally creative endeavor, and that their various shenanigans are somehow related to the latest Zhad creations.