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Archivist 14 (it / its) is the scholar character played by Mike Anastasia.


Archivist 14 is a distributed software entity devoted to the cataloging and preservation of information related to cultures that have not yet assimilated into interstellar society.

Archivist 14 does not directly contact other scholars to collaborate or exchange information, but it does tend to transmit its work unencrypted between nodes of its distributed databank system. This is the primary medium by which Archivist 14's knowledge is disseminated to others.

It is not clear at this time what organization, if any, sponsors the Archivist's work, or how it was created.

The numerical designation is also a mystery - some theorize that Archivists 1-13 may have designated earlier versions of the Archivist 14 core routine, others maintain that other Archivist constructs must exist, each with their own domain of inquiry. If such entities do exist, they are not known to Lexicon 2018-1 at this time.

Veracity Indicators

The writings of Archivist 14 are often categorized or portion-marked with a Veracity Indicator. The veracity categorizes encountered thus far are: