First Technology Census

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The First Technology Census was performed by the Watchers Council when attempting to create the first Karvassian Buoys. To determine what sort of communications could be made without disrupting subluminal civilizations' natural development, the council had to know what sort of communications those civilizations already tended to develop, and when.

While most xenosociologists believe they understand the paths technology tends to take, the council is largely not made up of xenosociologists... and those that are xenosociologists were happy to also vote for a new census, where they would get paid more to do what they were already doing.

Calls for a census passed nearly unanimously.


As standard with the Watchers Council, this effort turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.

The flood of census takers into the Bottlenose Nebula caused an explosion of traffic nobody was prepared for. Hundreds of scientists were stranded or killed in events like the Relay Wreck, causing the formation of the Alphaspace Watch.

Many of those that survived turned out to be thoroughly unscrupulous, taking xenocapacity for their own personal gain. Their lack of concern for noninterference led to many cases of unplanned emergence.

The Watchers Council stepped in several times to minimize the disaster. Fortunately, early civilizations can forget first contact much more easily than most people realize, and few species were notably affected.

The Watchers Council will not allow a list of which species were affected.