Kylque Kin

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Today, my child, you attained the age of opened eyes. You are old enough now to learn the stories of our ancestors that are not for children, that help us to make the hard decisons that elders and chiefs must make. Tonight we will begin with the story of Kylque, his clan, and how they were led to their doom by a skyfolk trick.

Kylque's Ascent

Kylque was chief of his clan long before your grandfather's grandfather walked the world. His reputation as a youth was one of mischief and disrespect, but leadership in those days was granted by birthright, so he led from the day his father went to his end. His clan were devoted to Kyros, the Starforger, and Kylque became obsessed with flying higher and higher than anyone living had done before. Kylque's tribesmen built flying machines the likes of which we do not see today. And when they reached their apogee, to the surprise of all, they found something, and brought it down from the sky.

Their prize was unlike anything the clans had ever seen. We are certain now that it was made by starfolk, not the Gods. But starfolk were not known to us in those days, and Kylque insisted that it must have been an ember tossed aside from Kyros' anvil. With no other explaination, the council of chiefs agreed and Kylque's clan devoted themselves to unraveling the images that played across its surfaces.

Kylque's Sacred Quest

The ember flickered constantly with signs and projections, but the most frequent one seemed to be related to the Destroyer's Realm in some way. It was never completely clear. Some sages said the ember was trying to show our ancestors how to free the honored dead from the dark of the Destroyer's eternal vault. Others insisted it was a warning that tampering with the Gods things, even the scraps from their forge, would lead inevitably to the wrath of the Destroyer coming down upon us all.

Kylque poured more and more of his clan's resources into their sacred work building the machine they saw in the images. They called it "The Aperture". Farmland was torn up drilling for the rare minerals the priests believed were required. Freshwater springs were tapped dry to provide coolant. The people of Kyleque's clan suffered greatly in order that The Aperture would be completed, and still nobody knew for certain what it was for.

Kylque's Undoing

At the time, only faith told Kylque what lay on the far side of The Aperture, and there was no way of knowing if opening the door the The Destroyer's Realm would unleash the Destroyer upon the world, or set free everything the Destroyer had ever taken. The Chiefsmoot decided that the risk to all of our tribes was too great, and that the damage already done to Kylque's tribe could still be mended if they acted quickly. A triumvarate of Chiefs, including your Grandfather's Grandfather's Grandmother, rode out from the Chiefsmoot to strip Kylque of his position and destroy the ember, ending the experiment.

However Kylque had some allies still among the Chiefsmoot and he recieved word of the decision that had been made. Kylque felt in his heart that he had to know Kyros' will by to throwing open the Aperture and seeing the outcome for himself - so he said in his last message anyway. That morning the sky lit up as if by a second sun as Kylque and all his kin were burned from the face of our world. They were taken by the Destroyer, as is the fate of all who stray from the path of the gods.

Generations later, we learnt that the skyfolk had been watching all along, and that they had made the device that set Kylque on the road towards oblivion. Few of the skyfolk have ever come down to speak with us, and it is just as well, for they are clearly not in favor with the Gods.