Message that Sends Itself

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The Message That Sends Itself is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by a specific query that was radiated from the neighborhood of Fog an indeterminate time ago, which appears to have been prompted by the unique request in its own text. No source in or around Fog is known to be capable of initiating such a query unaided.

In the annals of the Jakoli Ghost Ship, it is notable that during the ship’s blaring for help across the EM spectrum while nearing planets, the only unrelated signal that was perceptible to planetside observers was the MTSI.

Modern Involvements

The powers regulating the Universal Scientific Communication Standards interpret the MTSI in varying ways, imputing any of several encryption and modulation schemes. In most mathematical analyses it looks like there is a strict underlying method inherent in both creation and propagation, but the source and rules of this method have been held up in grammar squabbles for decades.

The MTSI seems to propagate among Karvassian Buoys with a consistency that suggests it was already designed to interface with the resident computers; this is of course impossible, as the MTSI predates these devices by centuries.

The MTSI rocketed into popular consciousness with the Zero-Interference Doctrine’s hit album of the same name. What appears to be an Allebeth-characteristic variation on traditional themes comes into focus when the album is played backwards and forwards at the same time, revealing the direct SAW-filter transcription of a section of the MTSI itself.


It has been suggested that the MTSI is a Joint-Brane system of order N+1, that rare system that spans time as a free dimension. When serious scholarship gets the whole infinite-entropy encryption scheme out of its system this question may be pursued more fully.

At some point the MTSI encountered the atmosphere of Nzakali and a significant portion of the incident energy reflected directly back toward Fog. A group of conspiracy theorists have suggested that when enough reflections reach the MTSI’s point of creation, it will either issue its original signal for the first time or destroy the Nebula.

Records indicate that the message caused intense physical discomfort to the spaceship-adapted people of the Transition Protectorate, perhaps having to do with their unique DNA adaptations.

Some say that the military coup that caused the Fourth Cataclysm of Mnomn was triggered by a man driven mad by his obsessive studies of the MTSI.

Among the subluminal civilizations who have been observed to interact with the MTSI, the Neoneuronal Society is well known to have attempted to algorithmically re-trigger a comparable occurrence.