The Unmoved

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The Unmoved is a group of beings from a variety of species that have gathered together on the the subluminal deep-space survey ship Final Destination, that practice their own multicultural religion. Their exact number is unknown, but they at least a dozen civilizations are represented, and the personnel are drawn from both superluminal and subluminal species, although the latter are almost always assisted by superluminal members to reach Final Destination.


The Unmoved are united by a belief that the universe was brought into being as a song sung by their pantheon of gods. They believe that only certain people, places, and events are relevant to this song, and that they are attempting to follow some grand cosmic narrative. They refer to themselves as "The Unmoved" because they are (in theory) always at the location of the action this song is describing. How they know anything about this “song” has never been adequately explained.

The Unmoved are in agreement, though, that almost all their gods care about is the Bottlenose Nebula, and some go so far as to express the belief that nothing exists far outside that region of space.


Although the Unmoved regard outsiders with indifference bordering on contempt, interviews have revealed a few dogmatic fractures within the religion. Most notably are questions as to the precise number of deities forming their universe (there’s a Four camp and a Five camp), and a more fundamental question over if events are being sung in a chronological order. There are also large and lively debates over which locations are holy, when, and for how long.

Final Destination

The ship the Unmoved occupy is notably for it’s sheer mysteriousness. While clearly subluminal, it’s exact origin has proven almost impossible to ascertain. The ship is driven by a Joint-Brane System that appears entirely unique, and it is unclear which or even how many dimensions it is operating over. It contains rare minerals that aren’t found together in any known system, strongly suggesting that it was either build by a multi-system subliminal civilization (of which there have been few, and fewer still with economic capabilities to undertake such a task) or it was a subluminal ship built by a superluminal civilization. Because few non-believers are ever allowed aboard, and none with advanced engineering experience, there’s some belief that the ship may possess a homeopathic stardrive.