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Vayl Millauk is the name given to a particular M-Ph that has obliterated several civilizations in the Bottlenose Nebula and beyond for an unknown period of time. Because of the apparently memetic nature of Vayl Millauk, it is one of the least understood threat factors facing both subluminal and superluminal civilizations in the galaxy.


The origin of the name Vayl Millauk is unknown at this time. The first reference to this phenomeneon as Vayl Millauk appears in a study conducted on Zuuvok site 0x08, prior to the identification of that site as being tied to the Zuuvok Goliath. Although it is clear this was a term d'art at the time of the report, no prior reference to it can be found.


The Vayl Millauk has an unmistakable signature that appears only in the literature of anthropological studies of civilizations following their destruction. Invariably, impacted civilizations are at a near- or recently-interstellar technology level, and have a restricted ability to impact worlds outside their own star system. A significant research expedition is sent, and finds evidence of domination of at least one planet, and possibly settlements on other planets within the native star system, but no details are provided in the published materials. Findings regarding the cause of the species destruction are inconclusive, but no further study is suggested by either the research teams or their sponsors or patrons.


There are a few theories as to the nature of the Vaul Millauk.


The most popular theory among the general public is that the Vayl Millauk is a catch-all term, or codephrase, for the anthropology community to denote a major or embarrassing mistake. Usually the accusation is that an expedition was launched somewhere and found there was nothing to study, but made up some vague details to justify the costs. Sometimes it's suggested that the sponsoring civilization destroyed a nascent civilization, or a rebel sect of their own, and wants a cover story to avoid other teams traveling there. Beyond that the conspiracy theories get very creative but not numerous enough to enumerate here.

Malicious Infomorph

Presuming these civilizations actually did exist, the next most popular theory is that an infomorphic lifeform with malicious intent and unimaginable hacking skills or legitimate access is modifying records, reports, filings, and even personal messages to cover up the loss of these civilizations. There are two major subtrees of this theory. The first is that this Infomorph was charged with eliminating a particular event from history but has malfunctioned, and the second being that it is responsible for the destruction of these civilizations, and is covering up its crimes to avoid the consequences from galactic society.

Project Vayl Millauk

The Project Vayl Millauk theory is that at some point in the last 400 years, an organization (possibly the Watchers Council) encountered a memetic threat so contagious and pervasive that allowing knowledge of it to exist in the minds of members of the galactic community was an unacceptable risk. The theory is that this threat did indeed destroy the civilizations that it seems to have, but the only way to contain the threat is to ensure no copy of it exists anywhere. As a result, no research can be conducted on it, since it could emerge simply from the reports on its own nature and existence. The assumption is that whatever system was put in place to destroy this memetic threat was called Project Vayl Millauk, and we cannot learn what its nature is, because doing so might lead to discovery of the memetic threat itself, thereby invalidating its mission.