Zero-Interference Doctrine

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The Zero-Interference Doctrine (ZID) was a Allebeth-punk band of infomorphs that allegedly used the power of music to promote infomorphic life among subluminal civilizations in the Bottlenose Nebula.


The Zero-Interference Doctrine was founded shortly after the Shutdown of the Omnidome, drawing inspiration from The Venture’s extensive works in the field of Allebeth. They adapted many of more bombastic (if less musically coherent) versions of The Venture’s works in ways that would be optimized for particular civilization’s cultural and cognitive structures. The lyrics they created would invariably be about heroic infomorphs either correcting the wayward behaviors of organics, or rescuing an infomorph from some precarious organic-driven danger, and enacting broad social change in favor of Infomorph Rights.

The Fickleer Incident

ZID was considered a curiosity by most of the anthropologic community until they performed a “concert” at the Fickleer civilization. Broadcasting their work on radio frequencies that would override the terrestrial frequencies used by much of their population, ZID performed for over sixteen hours before elements of the Watchers Council interceded and captured the rogue infomorphs.

Although ZID hadn’t broken any actual laws or even regulations, there was a sense among the members of the Watchers Council that ZID had clearly acted improperly. This was only augmented in the following months as the broadcast and its jamming properties had a notably deleterious effect on the Fickleer.

The Watchers Council eventually reached a decision point; to merely expel the members of ZID from Council-influenced space, or to terminate them outright. The Youth Helpers (many of whom were fans of ZID’s music) were outraged at both of these choices, and ended up enacting a 3-year filibuster until finally the matter was dropped. ZID has not performed in the Bottlenose Nebula since.